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Stealth Hunting Systems has developed their own line of windows for your box blinds. Our Phantom Windows come in 2 different styles, either our Phantom Plexi glass windows or our Phantom CV windows. Our Phantom Plexi glass window is our premium window with unmatched durability, user ability and will handle any weather Mother Nature can throw at it. Our Phantom CV windows are hands down the most cost effective way to add windows to your box blind. Our CV windows use a proprietary clear film that is crystal clear to see through as well as being scratch and puncture resistant. Both types of windows can be installed either horizontally for Gun & Crossbow or Vertically for an elevated Bow shot. Installation of our Phantom Plexi or Phantom CV windows is done in 4 easy steps. Simply trace around the provided template, cut out traced area, place window in cut out, and screw in to place. Our Phantom windows are the same windows that are installed in our Phantom Elite Hunting Blinds, insuring you that your windows are made of the highest quality and craftsmanship, and like all our products they are also made right here in the USA.

All of our Phantom Window are exceptionally light weight as well as weather proof, and best of all can be installed in minutes with only a few screws. With just a turn of a knob our gun windows flip down silently. Gravity holds the window in place, allowing one handed operation. Our Vertical Archer windows easily swing open to a large 12"X48" view starting only 16" off the floor. Our Phantom Archer windows are perfect whether elevated or on the ground.

All of our Phantom Windows can be easily installed into any Phantom Blind model in minutes.