The (SHS) Product is NOW IN STOCK
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in 4' x 25' and 4 x 50' rolls and is available
in the following camo patterns (click view
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) :

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Made in the USA


Stealth Hunting Systems (SHS) has made the ultimate hunting tool,
the question is, what are YOU going to do with it?

(SHS) takes you, the hunter places that only you can imagine. Never before has the
hunter had such a portable, versatile and durable product, one with infinite possibilities.

Building your own Hunting Blinds has never been this easy or fast, and best of all it will last. The SHS product is most durable, versatile, technologically advanced material on the market today. (SHS) was developed for the sole purpose of allowing the hunter/outdoors person the ability to design and build their own hunting blinds or refurbish old ones, along with the freedom to innovate. (SHS) is constructed out of a Reinforced Fiberglass Composite Material that is completely wind, and water proof, as well as being UV resistant. (SHS) is NOT a fabric that will tear, fade, or start to smell once wet. Stealth Hunting Systems makes it easy to be concealed.

We like to say if you can dream it you can
build it using the (SHS) product with
our assurance, that it will last.

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